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A Bounty of Fruit to Welcome in the Year of the Tiger

A Bounty of Fruit to Welcome in the Year of the Tiger

Most people in the Bay area, whether or not they celebrate the Lunar New Year, are familiar with the traditions of eating long noodles for long life and gifts of brilliant red envelopes with money inside. And a bounty of fresh fruit is as central to the celebration as champagne or hoppin’ John is to marking the start of a new year on the Gregorian calendar. While the particulars may vary somewhat by country, region, and even family, enjoying fresh fruit is a way recognizing life, growth, and a fresh start. A ‘tray of togetherness,’ beautifully presented on a round platter, has pride of place on many a table.Everything about it carries meaning:the round for togetherness, and even having eight types of fruit, a lucky number associated with good fortune and success.

The most prized fruits are round (for harmony) or golden (for abundance and wealth). In a nod to a love of wordplay, so are fruits whose names are similar to words like health, wealth, peace, family, and love – the things everyone hopes for at the start of a new year.

Here’s a short list that includes favorite New Year fruit we have available for home delivery, along with their meanings. And while we can’t promise you wealth or a happy family, we can deliver on healthy food and great taste – and that’s a good intention at the new year or anytime!


 Protection, safety, wisdom, and peace. The word for apple is similar to the word for ‘peaceful.’

Orange Citrus Fruits

Good luck and happiness. For its vibrant color so close to gold,good fortune and wealth.

Bags of tangerines in particular are popular gifts: the Cantonese pronunciation sounds like ‘giving gold.’ And who wouldn’t want to give their friends gold if they could?


Fortune, wealth. Some people plant kumquat trees on their property to welcome in greater wealth.


Red for protection, safety, and good luck. Abundance, for all its seeds. Fertility and happiness in the family, longevity.

Even though the fruits below aren’t available for delivery, we’re including them in case you get a chance to stop by the store.


The fuller the bunch, the better. Wealth and success, material abundance, family harmony.


Wealth, excellent fortune, success in gambling. The word commonly used for pineapple in Singapore and Indonesia means ‘good fortune will come.’


Abundance, prosperity, good health, family unity and wholeness. Sometimes displayed singly and sometimes in a pair, underscoring the wish for togetherness.

Don’t forget to setup a weekly home delivery to take advantage of prime citrus season fruits!  

From the Sigona’s Family to yours: Happy Lunar Near / Xīnnián hǎo!