La Biscotteria Dark Chocolate Anise Biscottini

La Biscotteria Dark Chocolate Anise Biscottini

  • $12.95

A half pound bag of Dark Chocolate Anise Biscottini (small biscotti) from La Biscotteria! This is La Biscotteria's most popular biscottini flavor. It's baked with anise and almonds, then dipped in dark chocolate.Each bag has approximately 15-20 biscottini and pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee in the morning.

In 1989 Augustine Buonocore followed his passion and purchased a small wholesale bakery and renamed it La Biscotteria where he makes delicious biscotti and biscottini! Over the years he's proudly showcased the flavors of his Italian roots in these delicious twice-baked cookies. Augustine’s family emigrated from the Province of Sorrento, just south of Naples, to San Francisco. In this southern region of Italy, almonds, citrus trees, and anise hedgerows grow in abundance. These beloved flavors are highlighted in his creations and recipes today.

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