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Papachay Full City Roast, Whole Bean Coffee (14oz)

Papachay Full City Roast, Whole Bean Coffee (14oz)

  • $16.99

A 14oz bag of whole bean Full City Roast (Light Roast) coffee from Papachay. 

We’re proud to offer this coffee from a local family business called Papachay (pronounced “pa-pa-chai”)! Max and Juliana Gambirazio have owned their farm in Peru for over 20 years and roast the beans in their facility in San Carlos. They pride themselves on producing single-origin, unblended coffee in small batches. You can truly taste the difference and freshness in every cup.

The Gambirazios take turns visiting their farm, which is located 1,500 meters above sea level in Peru! The beans benefit from high daytime and low evening temperatures, which helps them grow slowly and fully under shade. 

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