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Citrus Season

Citrus Season

Citrus season typically lasts from November through June, but many varieties are at their peak in the winter. Citrus fruit is a fantastic source of vitamin C, which is believed to boost your immune season and keep you healthy through these chilly months. Here are a few of the many citrus varieties you will see throughout the season!

Blood oranges have a slightly sweet, floral fragrance and a sweet-tart taste with notes of cherries and raspberries. The oranges with the deepest pigmentation will exhibit more intense sweet berry notes. We source our blood oranges from the Fresno area. 

Mandarins are a popular snack during the winter. We cycle through several varieties between December and April. Satsumas are an early season, sugary sweet variety that is easy to peel, have few seeds, and are often packed with stem and leaf. Other mandarins you can look forward to are Clementines, Pages, Murcotts, and Tangos.

Grapefruit are semi-sweet and somewhat sour, providing a unique pop of flavor. We will add several different varieties of grapefruit into our boxes including; red grapefruit, oroblanco, and pomelos. All of these varieties have unique flavors and are definitely worth a try!  

Minneolas are round with a large, pronounced neck, which makes them easy to peel. They're sweet and tart! You'll enjoy snacking on this flavorful fruit starting in January. 

Cara Cara are an early season variety looks a lot like navel oranges, but have beautiful pink flesh inside. They're also less acidic than navels, and have a hint of cranberry/blackberry flavor. Fun fact: Cara Caras are believed to have a higher amount of vitamin C than a regular navel!

We hope you enjoy all the different varieties of citrus during these winter months.