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Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Black Mission Figs

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Black Mission Figs

Fig season is finally here and we're so excited to be offering delicious organic Black Mission figs that are grown locally in California. Figs are technically inverted flowers, so you'll never find a blossom on a fig tree. The flowers bloom inside their pods, which later mature into the fruit we eat. The flowers each produce a single seeded fruit, which is what gives figs their subtle crunch. The Black Mission variety has dark purple skin and pink, jammy flesh. They're honey sweet and make great additions to salads, baked goods, breakfast bowls, or even eaten on their own.

Figs are extremely delicate, so we take the time to carefully pack and deliver only the best fruit available. Once in your home, figs are stored best in the refrigerator and can typically keep for 5-7 days. If you choose to keep them at room temperature, you'll need to eat them within a day or two! Room temperature figs can mold and ferment quickly. 

To tell if a Black Mission fig is ripe, look for figs that are deep purple in color and soft to the touch, but not mushy. When they're ripe, they're almost completely edible, including the skin and seeds. Just cut off the stem and enjoy!

There are a variety of ways to enjoy figs, but here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy them right now (no "recipe" involved!): 

Fresh Figs with Mascarpone and Honey

Cut the stem off fresh figs and slice them in half. Add a dollop of mascarpone and drizzle with honey.

Make it your own: No mascarpone? Try this with ricotta, goat cheese, or even blue cheese. You could also try roasting the figs first, stuffing whole figs with the cheese, or even mix a little cinnamon into the honey before drizzling.

Yogurt Topped with Figs and Berries

Fill a bowl with plain Greek or your favorite flavored yogurt. Top with sliced fresh figs and berries. 

Make it your own: Go crazy on the toppings! You could also add granola, nuts, seeds, or other cut fresh fruit. Not a yogurt fan? Top overnight oats with figs instead.

Fig Toast

Toast a slice of bread and smear on a layer of ricotta cheese. Top with fresh, sliced figs and drizzle with honey.

Make it your own: If you don't have ricotta, try with mascarpone, Greek yogurt, or your favorite nut butter.