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Our Favorite Fruits & Veggies This June

Our Favorite Fruits & Veggies This June

During the month of June, California produce gets more delicious every single day. Here are some of our favorite fruits and veggies that you can look forward to seeing this month! 


Local Brentwood sweet Corn is here and it’s delicious! The rich Brentwood agricultural soil and climate of the Delta is ideally for perfect Brentwood Diamond Sweet Corn crops. The local corn season has just started and will last through October. 


We’re in the California avocado season, so you'll notice that the flavor and texture of the avocados in our produce boxes become richer and the oil content increases. California avocados tend to have a nuttier flavor and thicker skin than Mexican fruit, which results in an easier peel. We currently are running a promotion with Stepladder Ranch for Hass avocados. These avocados are super creamy, rich and delicious, and are coming in fresh to us from Cambria, California!

Did you know the California Central Coast area is one of the best avocado growing regions in the world? The mild growing conditions there allow a longer maturing process which results in a meatier, richer avocado with more oil content.


Locally grown, organic asparagus is in! This asparagus is naturally fresher and sweeter because it's picked in Salinas. Like corn, asparagus converts its sugars to starch from the moment it is picked. You'll be able to taste the difference between Salinas asparagus and spears that have traveled a longer distance to your homes. It's sweet, tender, and tastes fantastic. 


California apricots are the first stone fruit to arrive this season, but they’re also some of the first stone fruits to go, typically lasting until July.  California produces more than 90% of the nation’s commercially grown apricots. Get them while you can! 


The California cherry season is here but as the season progresses, cherries are sourced from up the coast in Washington. We expect this year’s crop to be of good quality and supply. We love the Bing cherries, which are deep red and naturally sweet! Check out our add-on section for the latest deals on cherries.

Peaches and Nectarines

Peaches and nectarines have also just started to become available, and we typically source from farms in the Central Valley. White peaches and nectarines are on the sweeter side with less acid than their yellow counterparts. Yellow peaches and nectarines are sweet and tangy with an acidic twist. Nectarines are typically ready to eat as soon as you receive them, but you may need to let peaches ripen a bit before eating; you can tell if they’re ready to eat by their skin color (a green tint means “wait” in this case), and the flesh will have a little “give” when squeezed. Just don’t squeeze too hard or you’ll bruise it!