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Sigona's Home Deliveries Blog

Sigona's Home Deliveries Blog

Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches are a sweet, two-ingredient crowd pleaser. Since stone fruit season is now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to add these to your summer holiday or weekend barbeque menu.

All About Stone Fruit

The peachiest season

Nothing says spring like a freshly ripened peach, sweet-tart apricot, or vibrantly red cherry. It’s almost as if sticky fingers and peach juice-stained chins are the official uniforms of warmer weather! Stone fruit season begins mid-to-late April and runs until October. While you might see peaches and plums at your local supermarket, at Sigona’s you won’t see stone fruit until a few weeks into the season. The first stone fruit of the season is small and lacks the developed flavors of fruit harvested a few weeks later (around mid-May). “It’s usually the weather” Robbie Sigona, produce buyer and director of the stores explains. “Compared to fruit harvested later in the season, early stone fruit has been growing when the weather is a lot cooler. This means it has a bit of a hard time developing the sweetness we’ve come to expect from a ripe peach or apricot.”

Fruit Salad with Honey and Lime Dressing

National Salad Month doesn't have to be all lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons. Fruit salads are a refreshingly sweet way to celebrate!

Planning the Perfect Picnic

Not that any of us needs an excuse to get outside, but if we wanted one, we’d plan on celebrating National Picnic Day on April 23.Outdoor meals do take a bit of advance planning. Just in time, we’ve put together a practical guide to help you plan your perfect picnic.

Celebrating National Garlic Day

How to Choose, Cook, and Eat an Artichoke

What is an Artichoke?

Artichokes are the immature flower bud of a thistle. If left to flower, an artichoke’s blossoms can measure up to seven inches in diameter and are a blue-violet color, similar to the milk thistle. They are in the Asteraceae family, which includes flowering plants like the daisy and chrysanthemum, as well as sunflowers, safflowers, and dandelion. Artichokes are grown in France, Italy, Spain, and the U.S. California is home to Castroville, a town 20 miles northeast of Monterey, which has been dubbed the unofficial “Artichoke Capital of the World". This certainly isn't an exaggeration as California produces almost all commercially grown artichokes!

A Bounty of Fruit to Welcome in the Year of the Tiger

Most people in the Bay area, whether or not they celebrate the Lunar New Year, are familiar with the traditions of eating long noodles for long life and gifts of brilliant red envelopes with money inside. And a bounty of fresh fruit is as central to the celebration as champagne or hoppin’ John is to marking the start of a new year on the Gregorian calendar. While the particulars may vary somewhat by country, region, and even family, enjoying fresh fruit is a way recognizing life, growth, and a fresh start. A ‘tray of togetherness,’ beautifully presented on a round platter, has pride of place on many a table.Everything about it carries meaning:the round for togetherness, and even having eight types of fruit, a lucky number associated with good fortune and success.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe

Adapted from Chic Eats

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Tango Mandarins, Roasted Nuts, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

While deliciously sweet Tango Mandarins can be peeled and eaten straight out of your hand, they are also exceptional additions to both salads and cooked dishes. In this recipe, we’ve paired them with Brussels Sprouts, Balsamic Vinaigrette, and roasted nuts. Their bright acidity and toothsome sweetness go perfectly with the smokiness of the Brussels Sprouts, the richness of the Balsamic Vinaigrette, and the salty crunch of the nuts. If you’re looking to take Veganuary into February, or searching for that perfect meatless-Monday meal, this dish is a quick and hearty option!

Think outside the (side) dish

Today we’re turning to winter’s best vegetables.  We’re starting to see the vegetables that are so satisfying – perfect for hearty soups, stick-to-your-ribs stews, and the rich side dishes that we savor.Here’s a quick rundown of some of our pick-of-the-season, cool-weather vegetables, ready to grace your table.

Tips for Planning Ahead This Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving gets closer, you might be starting to think of how you can start planning for your family dinner. Here, we've complied a quick list of ways you can simplify, plan ahead, and prepare in advance this year: 

Apples to Apples: A Primer on Common Apple Varieties

The days are getting shorter. We find ourselves thinking about cozy things: hearty soup on a low simmer, pumpkins and fall flowers by the front door, and of course, that first bite into a crisp, juicy apple. It’s fall, the new crop is in, and we’re excited to bring it to you!